About us

Fred del Campello S.L., is a service company, which since 2002 is oriented to meet the needs of our current and potential customers, relating to the purchase, construction, renovation and alteration of buildings, shops and homes in general.

Formed by a group of professionals with proven experience, our main function is have a development advice for your projects and bring you as well a professional management plan.

We create a business that is based on three fundamental pillars. Dependability, reliability and personal attention.

We developed a work based on a concept called 'turnkey', where the customer places full responsibility for the implementation and control of the project, forgetting tasks like coordination between guilds, search and delivery of materials, etc..

In our offices you will find the materials you need for your project, floating platforms, ceramic tile, kitchen cabinets, cupboards and inside cabinets and many other.

Get close to our offices and will be happy to assist you and advise you of the best possible way to make your projects come true.

Sergio Castro Fernández
General manager